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We aim to provide the most comfortable experience in foot and nail care. We offer treatment for warts, corns, callus, fungal nails, and cracked heels. Book your medical pedicure now.

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Nail & Skin Care

Our feet are usually the last part of our body that we take care of. However, the feet are probably the most important part of our body and should be taken care of first.

Management and care for the feet can lead to overall positive and healthy bodies!

It can reduce pain and help you keep on your feet longer.

This is particularly important if you have Diabetes or other health problems. This treatment is also very important for people who have back complications and difficulties reaching their feet.


1 – We cut, file, clean and shape your nails.

2 – We remove any callus, hard dead skin and corns.

3- We smooth away any dead, dry skin with our special painless drills.

4 – We apply moisturiser and rub into your feet.

5 – Any dressings needed are included.

* ALL instruments used are sterilised as per NSW health regulations to ensure to kill any bacteria, fungus and viruses. This ensure none of our patients get infections.

* You may be eligible for bulk-billed (medicare) treatment with no out of pocket fees. Please talk to your GP to see if you are eligible for a care plan.

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Your Podiatrist will give you a diagnosis, explain why you are having your issue and provided your with a management plan which will help you get better. Your tailored management plan will be explained to you, the risks, benefits and costs will also be discussed. You will be provided a print out of your management plan.

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All rights reserved to the Australian Podiatry Association (ApodA) – “The Australian Podiatry Association provides these fact sheets to help you learn more about your foot health and take better care of your feet! Please understand that they do not replace clinical advice, and we strongly advise you to see your podiatrist if you have any concerns.”


Corns and Calluses


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