Fungal Nail LASER treatment

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Fungal Nail LASER treatment

1 hr

Have fungal toenails?

Have you tried everything with no luck?


Fungal nail LASER is the newest in technology and most successful treatment for Fungal Nails.


The LASER is painless, safe, non-invasive, no side effects and needs NO local anaesthetic.


The LASER is directed onto the nails and travel underneath the nail bed and kill the fungus inside the nail and underneath the nail bed.


There up to 95% of our patients have successful results after only 1 session!


More stubborn and severe infections may require additional LASER treatment(s) within the first 6-12 months.



1 – up to 3 shoes will be sterilised for FREE with our anti-fungal shoe sterilisers for 2 hours.

2 – Cutting, filing and cleaning the nails before the LASER treatment.

3 – 1 hour LASER treatment for all 10 of your toenails.

4 – Verbal explanation of aftercare instructions to ensure your nails do not get reinfected.

5- Aftercare pack which includes a print out of the aftercare instructions, anti-fungal gel for your nails and skin, and an anti-fungal spray for your shoes.


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