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45 min $146

Biomechanical Assessment

This type of appointment should be booked if you have pain in your feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips or lower back. If you have bunions, in-toe walking, knocked knees, flat feet, high arch feet, problems with your walking, you should also book for this type of appointment.

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1 hr $186

CTP/Workers Comp Initial Consult

At your initial consultation, a comprehensive history taking will take place. We will gather information about your incident, how it happened and what injuries were sustained on and after the incident.

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30 min $193.99

NDIS Initial Assessment

Assessment to determine your needs and treatments required. Does not include any treatments to be performed on the day. Please contact our friendly staff to discuss your needs or the treatment required.

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15 min $55

Footwear Assessment and Recommendation

Footwear assessment and recommendation is important to ensure you walk better with less pain and more support. Bulk-billing available – please contact us to find out how to claim under medicare.

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20 min Bulk-Billed

Medicare Appointment

Medicare bulk-billed appointment (NO GAP). General Treatment (Nails & Skin) including: – Nail cutting, filing, cleaning – Corns and/or calluses (hard, dead skin) – Minor ingrown toenails – Thickened nails OR Diabetes Foot Assessment

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15 min $59

Short Consultation

Want some advice about your feet? Need some hygiene advice? Perhaps you need some advice to prevent fungal nail infection? Need some advice on itchy or flaky feet? Book in for a short consultation for expert advice from our experienced Podiatrist.

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30 min Bulk-Billed

Diabetes foot assessment

Do you have Diabetes? Book in for a comprehensive Diabetes foot assessment to check the overall health of your feet and whether they have been affected by the sugars in your bloody.

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10 min Bulk-Billed

Fungal toenail LASER consultation

Do you have thick, discoloured fungal nails? Book in for a fungal LASER consultation to find out how we can get rid of your Fungal nails easily, painlessly and effectively. * Must have a valid EPC/CDM Care plan.

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45 min $110

PRO Ingrown toenail Package

Suffer from painful ingrown toenails? Book in for one of our PRO Ingrown packages. This service includes initial consultation, local anaesthetic (LA) to numb the toe if needed to up to 4 sides, dressing applied and aftercare instructions.

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1 hr $399

Fungal Nail LASER treatment

Have fungal toenails? Have you tried everything with no luck? Fungal nail LASER is the newest in technology and most successful treatment for Fungal Nails.

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20 min $70

General Foot & Nail Care

Need a general treatment? We cut, file, clean and shape your nails. We remove any callus, hard dead skin and corns. We smooth away any dead, dry skin with our special painless drills. We apply moisturiser and rub into your feet.

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20 min $60

Ingrown toenail surgery initial consultation

Do you have severe ingrown toenails? Do they always seem to come back and you want a permanent solution? Book in an initial consultation to see whether ingrown toenail surgery is right for you.

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10 min Free

Free 10min Consultation

Not sure what you need to book in for or what you need done for your feet? Book in a FREE 10min consultation with our experienced Podiatrist to discuss your concerns.

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15 min $60

Wart Treatment

Plantar Warts are caused by the HPV virus. They are commonly found on the sole of the feet of many children and some adults. Warts are easily treated by a Podiatrist.

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