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Warts on the sole of the feet can be painful and unsightly. Warts are very common among children and some adults. Podiatrist can treat warts easily and with no pain within a few appointments.

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Warts are caused by a virus (human papilloma virus or HPV). They are grainy or fleshy growth found commonly at the bottom of the feet. They can be painful when walking or when rubbing in shoes.

There are many treatments offered to treat warts, some of which include cryotherapy (freezing) by the GP or Salicylic Acid and Silver Nitrate by your Podiatrist. Here at The Foot Force Podiatry, our Podiatrist are very successful at treating stubborn warts over a few treatment sessions.

What is involved:

1 – The overlying hard dead skin will be derided back (not painful)

2 – Healthy surrounding skin is covered with barrier cream

3 – Warty tissue treated with the recommended product as per your wart

4 – Dressing applied

5 – Aftercare instructions explained thoroughly

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